Buying a vehicle as a dad is certainly different from buying a ride to impress people as a young man. There are several things that dads should consider before finalizing a decision, such as finances, comfort and whether everyone at home can fit inside. Making the wrong decision could impact your whole family. So, here are some extremely useful tips for buying a family vehicle that dads should pay attention to:


1. Evaluate Your Needs

First of all, you need to evaluate your family’s needs. Do you have a large family that requires a six-seater SUV, or do you have only one child you can fit into a Toyota compact? Do you want a regular diesel vehicle or do you want to go green and buy a hybrid or an electric? These are the questions you should ask yourself before deciding on a model. Also, you must consider any special needs your family might have. If a family member uses a wheelchair, you will have to buy a large model that accommodates such a need.


2. Mind the Budget

Most households have a budget. Your decision to buy a family car should be included in these expenses as well. First, dad should discuss the finances with mom or partner and see what kind of vehicle the family budget can afford. Even if you really want to buy a BMW X5, you shouldn’t if it requires taking out an expensive car loan. Do not burden family finances with more debt buying a vehicle.


3. Research the Models

Once you know how much you are willing to spend, it’s time to research the model. You can go to online car buying sites to read about the latest SUVs, hatchbacks, pickups and other types of vehicles that will fit into your budget. Be careful about the advertised price. Most vehicles only show a “starting price,” that will be significantly more when you decide to buy. You don’t have to choose a subpar brand just because you are on a budget. For example, Mercedes Benz C-Class cars come in a range of prices. The older C300 models are quite affordable for the average customer compared to the newer ones. Likewise, do your research, and don’t forget to read user reviews as well.


4. Safety First

Safety features are extremely important when buying a family car. Look for models that have been rated 5 stars by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).You can check the EU NCAP ratings as well. Some insurance companies provide lists of safest family vehicles as well. When buying, check individual features such as quality of seatbelts, air bags and what child safety measures are in place.


5. Used Vs. New

You might consider buying a used car for a cheaper price tag. If you are buying used, the car should have low mileage and preferably zero accident history. Also, when you buy a used vehicle, you might have to spend additional money to replace airbags and such. Therefore, calculate service expenses as well when buying a used car. Buy a good vehicle that your family can afford and can travel in without feeling crammed. Think sensibly when choosing a model, and read up on the model you want to buy as much as possible. 

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