Welcome to the biggest beer drinking day of the year!


According to the Beer Institute, Thomas Jefferson was said to have composed the first draft of the Declaration of Independence over a cold one at the Indian Queen tavern in Philadelphia.


Now we pick up over 68 million cases of beer in preparation for this glorious day, totaling over $1 BILLION dollars!


If that doesn’t get any good financial discussions going I don’t know what will 😉


Oh wait, yes I do – here are even more facts to encourage some good $$$ talkin’ today!


$6,000,000,000 will be spent on food for the holiday.


$203,000,000 on condiments alone.


We’ll also spend $111,000,000 on popsicles and charcoal (such a weird pairing of facts, haha…).


Another $600,000,000 on fireworks (!!), in which 690 people will go to the emergency room and 7 will die from firework-related incidents (be careful out there, friends!).


Speaking of death, three of our founding fathers passed on the 4th! Presidents John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe. And both Jefferson and Adams on the exact same day, which happened to be the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence (crazy).


We’ll also eat over 700,000,000 pounds of chicken today, 190,000,000 pounds of beef, and 150,000,000 hotdogs. (The all-time Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest record btw is 69 dogs in 10 minutes, set by Joey Chestnut on July 4th, 2013)


And we’ll spend over $3,500,000 on American flags as well. Which are imported by, wait for it… China.


Some other random facts:


More than one copy of the Declaration of Independence exists.


They’re called “Dunlap broadsides,” and of the hundreds originally printed only 26 are known to exist (3 of which are in private hands).


“Original Declaration of Independence dated 4th July 1776.” is hand written on the back of the Declaration! And done so upside down and backwards…


It spent World War II in Fort Knox.


There were 2,500,000 U.S. residents in July of 1776. Now there are 323,000,000.


41,900,000 Americans will travel 50+ miles from home this weekend and 3,210,000 by plane.


And lastly, the average cost of a DUI is $10,000.


So be safe out there everyone!

Life is good, and it’s all possible through freedom!


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